Mounting a drive


Create a script named "mount-miles-dev" and set it to executable.  In the script place the following

fusermount -z -u /home/[yourMachine'sUserName]/MyDev
sshfs -o transform_symlinks -o idmap=user [yourDevUserName][yourDevUserName] ~/My_Dev


Use SFTP Netdrive to mount your saturn dev as a drive.



Here are the details for setting up Putty to access our three different dev environments (Your Dev, Client Dev, Live)

Putty is a free download that can be used on Windows or Linux machines to access ssh to our development servers. Download it and run it on your machine. If you are on a Windows machine, after you run it the first time, copy the attached putty.reg file to your desktop, then right-click it and select "Merge". This will add the settings to your Putty configuration.

Development Tools

Here are some software tools that are helpful.

Netbeans non-project setup

Netbeans sometimes chokes on trying to scan sites when using the project method, especially if they have recursion on their symlinks. The other problem with the project approach is that it makes a local copy on your own machine and so this can easily get out of sync with your dev server.

Site archiving (harvesting)

In cases where we are replacing an existing site that is not ours, we often want to have a copy of that site but for some reason are not in control of the existing server. We need a way to harvest a copy of that site including images, stylesheets js files...

HTTrack Website copier works quite well

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