Here are the details for setting up Putty to access our three different dev environments (Your Dev, Client Dev, Live)

Putty is a free download that can be used on Windows or Linux machines to access ssh to our development servers. Download it and run it on your machine. If you are on a Windows machine, after you run it the first time, copy the attached putty.reg file to your desktop, then right-click it and select "Merge". This will add the settings to your Putty configuration.

If not you will need to setup the following configurations.

  • You will want to set up each window to have a unique color  (example (black/white = Your Dev,  Yellow/Black= ClientDev, Red/black=Live)  This will be a visual cue of where you are.  
  • You can setup up Client Dev and CAIRO to go directly to /var/www by going to Connection->SSH ->Remote command entering  "cd /var/www ; bash" into the white box.  (be sure to save the setting)
  • under Connection->Auto-login username you can enter your username. (be sure to save the setting)