Development Tools

Here are some software tools that are helpful.

  • Putty - Windows and linux tool for ssh to our dev environments (free)
  • Fiddler - tool for seeing http requests through a proxy (free)
  • Jing - Screenshots and screenshot sharing made simple (free)
  • Netbeans  - Multi-platform coding environment (opensource)
  • Aptana - Multi-Platform coding environment (open source) faster than netbeans
  • Javascript Beautifier - an online tool to make javascript and arrays easier to read
  • Pingdom - Speed test tool

Browser plugins

  • Firebug - html inspector and javascript console for Firefox (Firebug lite for Chrome)
  • Chrome to Phone - a chrome app and an android app pair that puts a button on your chrome browser that will send any page you are on to your android phone's browser.

Web-Based Tools - dirt simple screen sharing utility (free).