Netbeans non-project setup

Netbeans sometimes chokes on trying to scan sites when using the project method, especially if they have recursion on their symlinks. The other problem with the project approach is that it makes a local copy on your own machine and so this can easily get out of sync with your dev server.

A better approach is to do the following:
1) Mount your server as an smb share or ssh mount
2) Then use the favorites tab in Netbeans to add that drive to your favorites.
This will let you access your files directly on your dev and not bother trying to scan them all and process all the functions.
3) Enable the svn or git plugin in Netbeans and you will have access to all svn data right from within netbeans.

The only drawback to using the non-project approach is that netbeans will not be aware of all functions and vars in the project, but that is ok.

Mounting methods:
Windows: Use SFTP Netdrive to mount your dev server as a drive.

fusermount -z -u /home/username/localdirectoryname
sshfs -o transform_symlinks -o idmap=user ~/localdirectoryname