Drupal 7

Debugging $_GET for debugging on a LIVE server

The following bit of php code will can help you quickly debug something on LIVE or core without outputting stuff to everyone. It also throws no notices if no $_GET is present. Appending ?debug=debug to the URL will cause it to engage.

Canonical URLS in Drupal

By default, Drupal will insert a <link rel="canonical"> tag in the head of each page on your site. The problem is Drupal inserts a relative URL rather than a more helpful absolute path. The other issue, is if you have a mobile version of the site, you need to account for that too.


Remove default Drupal canonical tag. Add this code to template.php:

Freedom from Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode - ie broken

We are often plagued by complaints from clients that something is broken, only to discover that it is due to the user's browser being in compatibility mode.

This can be overridden by setting both the server header response

('X-UA-Compatible: IE=edge');

and the metatag of


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