CSS3 Opacity -- Better HTML Opacity with rgba()

CSS3 opacity set on a parent div is inherited by all the child divs. The result is limiting. Non-inheritable opacity using rgba() is achieved this way:

/* produces semi-transparent white, 40% opacity */
background: rgba(255, 125, 255, .6);

So to accommodate all browsers one might, for example, do:

Mobile and Responsive Testing

Here are some resources for testing responsive design and mobile

Multiple views of common responsive sizes on one page

iPhone specific simulators - Nice in that it shows the chrome of the OS too and allows you to inspect the elements.
iPhone 4 Simulator http://iphone4simulator.com/

iPhone 5 Simulator http://iphone5simulator.com/

Targetting media types in omega .info file

Sometimes you need a screen only stylesheet:
css[global.css][options][media] = 'screen'

For print:
css[print.css][options][media] = 'print'

Drupal Add CSS

The Drupal Add CSS function http://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes%21common.inc/function/drupal_a...
has the ability to group css by weight, but it gives the appearance that you are limited to three groups.
'group': A number identifying the group in which to add the stylesheet. Available constants are:
CSS_SYSTEM: Any system-layer CSS.
CSS_DEFAULT: (default) Any module-layer CSS.
CSS_THEME: Any theme-layer CSS.

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