SVN command to see what an incoming file update will change.

Say you’re on live and issue an svn status –u command and see:

        *    79772   htdocs/index.php

You can see what change[s] will be published on update by typing:

svn diff -r79772:HEAD htdocs/index.php


Index: htdocs/index.php


--- htdocs/index.php(revision 79772)

+++ htdocs/index.php(revision 85814)

@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@

Rolling back a server to an earlier version (SVN)

To roll-back or revert asite to an earlier version of a committed file, just add the revision option (-r) to the svn up.

For example, to roll back global.css to an earlier revision, simply go into the svn repository browser and find the revision you want.

When you find the revision you want, make note of the revision number. Then path to the file in Putty onthe server and type

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