Trailgator - Bike with your kids

I like to bike with my family. It is a great way to have some fun and get some exercise. The problem is, my son (age 5) would run out of steam before I would.

The solution, connect him to me, when he needs help, let him ride free when he doesn't. The Trailgator is the solution

I find the trail gator a much better choice than the WeeRide and the WeeHoo because it is not a single use trailer that can't exist on it own. It is my son's actual bike that he logs hours on in the neighborhood, attached to my bike. When we don't want to be connected, it takes only a few minutes to disconnect him. Each of our bikes go back to normal when we are separated.

He started with it when he was 4yrs old on a 12inch bike (Dynacraft Gravel Blaster). It worked great. Now he is a year older and on a 16inch bike (Avigo Extreme) it works even better. Why better? Because when he pedals, it actually makes a contribution now.

I found the Trail-gator to be well designed (designed right here in Sarasota FL), well made, and east to install and easy to migrate to a larger bike as my son grows.