Git --continue vs --no-verify

I use git commit hooks to run my code through code sniffer prior to commit.  If the code is not up to code style standards, the commit fails and you have to go fix it before it will commit.  In some rare instances (kept to a minimum of course) there is code that will just not pass code style review.  In those cases it is best to wrap the code to make it exclude review.  However, in some cases you can just add '-n' or '--no-verify' to your commit command and it will prevent the git commit hooks from firing.  All is good.

Now comes the perfect storm.... If you happen to cherry-pick a commit that had code style errors AND a merge conflict.  You resolve the conflict and proceed to 'git cherry-pick --continue'.  The commit fails due to the style review.  So you try  'git cherry-pick --continue -n' but that thows an error because -n is a flag with a different meaning on cherry-pick than on commit.  So you try 'git cherry-pick --continue --no-verify' and that throws an error because it is unsupported for cherry-pick.   Changing the code to make it pass was not an option in this case. 

My solution:  Find the .git/hooks/pre-commit_dcq and look for the array of filetypes to scan, and comment out 'php' or 'inc'  Save the file.  Then your cherry-pick --continue will process fine.   Don't forget to remove your changes to the pre_commit_dcq file.