codit_build_menu_list() - Generate a column list from a menu

Drupal Documentation
This function appears in the Codit Module

If you need to make a multicolumn list from a menu (or even a vocabulary) this function allows you to do that


  • Flexible column numbers - will evenly distribute menu items across as many columns as requested.
  • Flexible reading directions - can toggle it to be read down, or across.
  • Flexible list structure using div, ul-li, or span.
  • Appropriately classed with column and item counts as well as first, middle , last. it uses codit_columnize() and codit_first_last_class().
  • Cached separately to make repeated calls for the same menu output less resource intensive. To see changes you MUST flush cache.
  • Can be tied to a taxonomy, you just have to connect the vocabulary to a menu first.
 * Builds the html for menu links in appropriate columns.
 * @param string $s_menu_to_load
 *   The machine name for a menu to load.
 * @param int $i_total_columns
 *   The total number of columns to create.
 * @param string $s_direction
 *   The direction that the columns should read (down [default], across)
 * @param string $s_wrapped
 *   What the items should be wrapped in (list [default], div)
 * @return string
 *   Html of the entire list appropriately wrapped and classed.
 *   The return value is heavy cached.
function codit_build_menu_list($s_menu_to_load, $i_total_columns, $s_direction = 'down', $s_wrapped = 'list') {
//magical stuff