Drupal Password Issues

If you are locked out, or need to re-set the password to something knowable here are the solutions.

Locked out from too many failed login attempts

Drupal 7 automatically blocks you by IP adress after more than 5 failed login attempts.  (It does re-set after time, but we don't have time to wait)

  1. Go to phpmyadmin and flush the "flood" table for the site.
  2. Login in using the correct password

Need to assign a new password

  1. Go to phpmyadmin go to the "user" table for that particular site.
  2. Edit user id 1 and change the email address to yours.
  3. Go  to the website and click the "i forgot my password" link and enter your email address.
  4. Check your email for the email link from the site.
  5. Click the link and follow the directions to create the password you want
  6. Edit the user's email address back to what it was initially.

and of course there is always Drush.

drush uli

ANd if all else fails https://drupal.org/node/1023428