Drupal Content Type Unlock


To unlock a content type that was created by a feature, it may require direct changes to the database table

There is a bug with Features right now if the feature creates a content type. If you turn off and even run the uninstall on the feature, it does not return the control of the content type back to you. So it becomes impossible to delete the content type by using an admin.


This is a known bug being tracked here http://drupal.org/node/1055460


If you need to be able to delete the content type, do the following:
  1. turn off the feature
  2. run the uninstall on the module
  3. go into the database for the site
  4. Find the "node-type" table
  5. Find the node-type entry you are trying to gain control of and alter the following fields
    • Field: module change from ‘XYZ module name’ to ‘node’
    • Field: locked change from 1 to 0 (to unlock the content type)
    • Field: custom change from 0 to 1 (to say that it is admin created)