Bulk update of url alias

Running the built in bulk bulk url alias operation can make a mess of custom (not following a pathauto pattern) overridden paths. Typically a bulk change is needed when profiles need their paths altered (WHEN possible, get the patterns set BEFORE data is imported initially)

In the event that a new pattern needs to be applied, here is the prescribed method

  1. Set the patterns on the url alias pattern page /admin/config/search/path/patterns
  2. Install and enable the the modules, Views Bulk Operations (VBO) and Views Administration (be sure pathauto is at least version 3.1.1)
  3. Go into Views and enable the "Content" View
  4. Edit the "Content" View
  5. Edit the Field in the View for "Bulk Operations: Content" - scroll down and enable the check box for "update Node Alias"  (This will make the update alias appear in the operations dropdown on the new content page located at /admin/content2 )
  6. Go to /admin/content2
  7. Filter the results to include only the content type that you want to update url aliases for
  8. Check the check box to select all content on that page, then look for the extra checkbox to appear to select ALL  nodes in the results.
  9. From the operations menu, select "update url aliases" ... confirm   then let it run (a progress bar will display)
  10. IF the site is not yet live, empty the redirect table in the database.
  11. If you want the editors to be able to use the new and improved content search features, build an alias 
    existing system path: admin/content2
     path alias : admin/content/node
    You will need to update the "editor menu" to reflect this new entry. 

I have had cases where it would not run without an error... so a workaround was:

The workaround for the fix was:
1) Go to admin/content (not content2 as described above)
2) Click the "select all" checkbox and then choose the button to truly select ALL not just all on the page.
3) Select "Publish" as the operation and "Execute" it.

Problem solved.