Drupal header logo SEO markup

The default Drupal header markup for the site logo is horrible SEO... it just plain misses a great opportunity.
The original code , usually in the page.tpl.php looks like this:

<a href="/" title="Home" rel="home" id="logo">
          <img src="http://web-dev.wirt.us/sites/web-dev.wirt.us//files/logo_0.png" alt="Home" />

Improved version of the code:

<a href="/" title="Visit Pennsylvania" rel="home" id="logo">
          <img src="http://web-dev.wirt.us/sites/web-dev.wirt.us/files/logo_0.png" alt="Do some helpful SEO here" />
          <span class="site-logo-text">Some helpful SEO text here</span>

Then set the css on .site-logo-text to be text-indent -555px such that it is not visible.