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Intro to Codit Crons - Cron Jobs made easy.

This is a video introduction to the Drupal module Codit: Crons.

Codit: Crons uses the Codit framework to make the development of multiple cron jobs easy.  In most cases it ends up being both more flexible, and safer than custom coding hook_cron() in a custom module or Feature for a site.

Why should I consider using Codit: Crons?

Drupal: Altering Page Title and or Title Tag

Sometimes you need to alter the title that appears on the page and or the title tag in Drupal 7. If you need to make them both the same, a call to drupal_set_title() from within a hook_preprocess_page() will do it.

Codit: Blocks a video introduction to making custom blocks

This screen share walks you through why you might want a more powerful way of making blocks and why Codit: Blocks is a good candidate if you need lots of custom blocks.

Codit and Codit: Local Introduction Video

This is a short screencast showing the basic concept of Codit and Codit: Local and where to place them in a Drupal site.

Comparison of Drupal 7 Block Building Modules

Blocks within Drupal 7 is a powerful  method of displaying supporting content on Drupal sites.  Blocks can be simple output with just series of links or can contain highly processed information, or partial content of a node.

There are several modules that support the creation of blocks.  They are each quite different.  Here is a comparison of the major features of each to help you decide.

Codit: Debug output from $_GET

Sometimes you need to debug something on the live server. It should generally be avoided, but sometimes you have no other choice. When you are stuck, Codit can be a lifesaver with codit_debug();

Codit allows you to create a debug slug that when passed in the query string, grants access to whatever output is triggered.

Drupal mail service for development

Sometimes you don't want email sent from development environment, and sometimes you want to see what would be sent.
Project Maillog does a nice job of saving all email sent to the db and provides an interface for viewing them. It also lets you turn actual sending off, so that you are not actually sending out email.

Install a Drupal Site and Profile

To install a Drupal site into a specific directory, this process works nicely with drush:

Drupal Code Style Review

Do review you Drupal code for style:
Install coder and enable enable it
drush dl coder
drush en coder

Then to run code style review on any module, cd into the module

drush dcs

Or on a specific file:


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